Vow Renewal

Whether you are celebrating a significant anniversary, overcoming a challenge or adversity within your life or relationship or have decided you simply wish to revel in the joy you still experience in your marriage, a Vow Renewal ceremony presents an opportunity to pause, reflect and recommit.

Humanist Celebrants enjoy the opportunity to create, with a couple, a unique ceremony that celebrates the commitment they have made, and to recognise the choice to recommit to each other and to their relationship into the future. 

Unique Ceremonies

As adults, we can look back on our lives and choices others made for us, and about us. These choices may not have reflected who we were or who we have become. As Humanists, our celebrants have an inclusive worldview. We work with each client, from a starting place of equality and respect. We craft unique ceremonies to recognise and celebrate all aspects of a person’s life. For example, some clients have sought a Gender Recognition ceremony. Others have worked with us to mark their own belief system, taking back control possible given for them, by an adult, in their childhood. We have even celebrated the important place a pet had in the life of a family, on its death. Whatever journey you are on, whatever event has occurred, if you wish to mark that in a special way, Humanist Celebrants are available to you, for you, to support you on your way.


Our celebrants will be delighted to discuss ideas with you.